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that 1.0 demand. what do you say to that? >> these things are slim. that allows for a slimmer platforms current revision is not a fad. there is overwhelming evidence that mathematics predicts the future of success. the notion that reading in greater complexity critics your success in college, the evidence is overwhelming. the evidence first. also, please, remember the eraser as well as the pen. if we're going to revise the standards, take away. teachers do not get more time. kids do not get more time. that is the elegance and we have to insist upon. >> my name is coury. i am a parent of four. my question is two-fold and for the practitioners on the panel. what research is being dedicated to and tools provided around teachers being able to learn the common core and reference it in their daily activity? and two, what resources and tools are being provided for those teachers to monitor their performance against those standards individually and collectively with those students on a daily basis? >> in my particular school district, we have -- like i mentioned earlier, we have embedded the co
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)